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To honour two Mamas

I wrote this a few years ago but I would like to share it again. This is a very personal piece for me and it remains as true today for me as it was the day I first wrote it.   Whether you mother children of your flesh or children of your heart; whether you have...

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Author Kirk Manton on The Grace of Rain

Kirk Manton and I have been friends for a decade. We are both privileged to serve on staff with the C.S. Lewis Foundation. We have looked "along the beam," as C.S. Lewis said, at a work we are called to in common, and we share in kindred the love of many same friends...

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Looking for the Flower smiling back

by Regina Mountjoy for The Cultivating Project -    What does it mean to “look for the flower smiling back at you?” Several years ago with friends in a London pub, I was asked how I choose which flowers to photograph. My impulsive answer was, “I look for the ones...

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Light Across the Water

by K.C. Ireton for the Cultivating Project ~  On a dusky evening early last January, I walked down to a little park perched on the edge of a cliff that overlooks the Sound. My eyes stung with the cold as I stood beside the holly tree at the viewpoint. Seagulls swooped...

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A Happy Thanksgiving

Lanier Ivester  for The Cultivating Project ~  I love Thanksgiving.  Such a simple holiday, so unassuming and amazingly free of the mercantile trappings of other celebrations.  As much as I yearn towards the Christmas season each year, I am always sad that a day set...

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Sometimes this is what Hope looks like

by Lancia E. Smith Funny how a single phone call can stop you in your tracks instantly crumbling the edifice of how you define reality. In a second, life sustaining hope scatters like smoke in a hard wind. I can still feel the strain of trying to catch her quiet...

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Evensong, Heading East

K. C. Ireton for The Cultivating Project ~ Somewhere in eastern Montana I finished reading Gaudy Night. With a sigh I closed the book and stared out the train window. In the westering light, green and gold fields rolled away from the tracks in undulating waves clear...

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Create against the darkness!

from Guest Contributor - Randall Flinn, Founder of Ad Deum Dance Company and the Artist Initiative - Create Against the Darkness. Dear Fellow Artists, Now is the time! We must arise for the sake of our critical callings for the blessing of all humanity. Now is the...

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