Shall we be friends?

Heroes sing on!

 My friend Brian Brown sent a letter out to a small circle of friends a few weeks ago as a point of encouragement when many of us were staring down …

To honour two Mamas

I wrote this a few years ago but I would like to share it again. This is a very personal piece for me and it remains as true today for …

Preparing for Oxbridge Infographic

As an aid to help you remember our tips for Preparing for Oxbridge we have a prepared a fun infographic for you, courtesy of Pahtyana Moore, our talented Social Media Manager for The Cultivating Project.

Preparing for Oxbridge 2017 – come join us!

 Preparing for Oxbridge 2017 before you go will not only make your experience there better, it will also be fun along the way and expand your trip before you even go! You can read or explore more about 2011 here and here. You can read more about 2014 here and see the gallery here. 

Aslan is on the Move!

 “They say Aslan is on the move—perhaps he has already landed,” [said Beaver]. And now a very curious thing happened. None of the children knew who Aslan was any more …
A candle of waiting - Image (c) Lancia E. Smith

Advent – making ready & keeping company

Advent – Making Ready and Keeping Company by Lancia E. Smith ~  Advent begins quietly. Like the humble coming of the infant God who was born to die, rise, and …

Giving thanks!

by Lancia E. Smith    One of the truly great blessings of our lives is the simple act of giving thanks. Something about the act itself is restorative and healing. …
Sally Clarkson laughing - Hutchmoot 2016 - Image (c) Lancia E. Smith


by Lancia E. Smith ~ Some of you Cultivating readers are already well-versed in Hutchmoot and you need no introduction from me. Some of you, in fact, have been a …

Curate as a path to curing our ache

While we often understand the word curate to mean to acquire, organize, and manage a collection, the medieval latin roots of the word meant to take care of, to cure. …
Artists Arise - Randall Flinn

Artists Arise!

Guest post by Randall Flinn, Director of Ad Deum Dance Company    In a time of widespread hatred and violence, artists must arise with new creative paradigms of love …

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