by Lancia E. Smith 


One of the truly great blessings of our lives is the simple act of giving thanks. Something about the act itself is restorative and healing. No matter how utterly desperate our circumstances are we can always give thanks because goodness is bound inherently into reality and into matter. To take the time to give thanks – to name our blessings and offer gratitude – puts our souls back into joint. We are realigned with truth and restored to sanity and soundness of mind. Fear diminishes. Pain lessens. Anxiety becomes quieter. And hope comes closer to our conscious. In ways we may not even fully understand, thanksgiving as a practice and state of mind is a defense against darkness. 

It is good for us to give thanks and we are made to do so.  tweet

This thanksgiving I pray that your hearts will be filled with gratitude and the awareness of blessings that are truly everywhere around you.

I promise you, friends, I as I give thanks today and throughout the rhythms of the year you are among the blessings I am most grateful for. 


Thanksgiving is one of my very favourite celebrations of the year. I love the simplicity of its focus – food, family, friends, and acknowledging what we already are given. No shopping frenzy required! Just an opportunity to pause, make beauty in our homes and make time for each other. What could be more needed or welcome?

Giving thanks is the perfect herald for entering into Advent. There is no Joy without gratitude first.

Blessings to you and yours always! 



Lancia E. Smith is an author, photographer, teacher, and business owner based in Colorado. She is editor-in-chief of Cultivating the Good, the True & the Beautiful, and founder of The Cultivating Project. A grateful lover of the Triune God, Lancia is passionate about the spiritual formation and discipling creative believers. She and her husband Peter run a thriving environmental and engineering firm and try to keep up with their rambling house and gardens called House on the Way. Lancia loves every book she ever read by C.S. Lewis; drinks strong black coffee; and sincerely hopes in her lifetime to reach zero in her inbox!

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