Author Kirk Manton on The Grace of Rain

Kirk Manton and I have been friends for a decade. We are both privileged to serve on staff with the C.S. Lewis Foundation. We have looked "along the beam," as C.S. Lewis said, at a work we are called to in common, and we share in kindred the love of many same friends...

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Faye Hall – Art begets Art

Faye Hall is a marvelous Canadian painter who creates storytelling works of art.  Her paintings support humanitarian causes, appear in art galleries, become covers of books and CD's, and grace living rooms and websites. Every Faye Hall painting tells a story, but the...

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Malcolm Guite on Parable and Paradox

“I don't deny that there should be priests to remind men that they will one day die. I only say that at certain strange epochs it is necessary to have another kind of priests, called poets, actually to remind men that they are not dead yet.” ~ G.K Chesterton I can...

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Art Inspired Conversations – Randall Hasson

This new interview series - Art Inspired Conversations with Randall Hasson - reflects something that has been years in the making for both of us: an art inspired conversation about the creative life and its interweaving with the life of faith. While we met for the...

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Bandersnatch is released!

Dr. Diana Pavlac Glyer is one of the world's leading experts on C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and the famed writers group they created - the Inklings. No one has amassed a clearer understanding of the way the Inklings related to each other within their community than...

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Waiting on the Word for Advent

Waiting on the Word is the newest release from the acclaimed poet and author, Dr Malcolm Guite. It is part of a beautiful series of anthologies created with the purpose of taking us through specific seasons of our lives held in common with others, and it gives us a...

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Interview with Brian Brown

Brian Lawrence Brown is a Princeton graduate with a degree in politics. A social entrepreneur and digital fundraising strategist, Brian has founded and developed several remarkable organizations: Narrator, an organization dedicated to helping non-profits …

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C.S. Lewis and His Circle

This past summer in the world of C.S. Lewis and Inklings studies a rare feat of scholarship and dedication was brought to completion. A marvelous book comprised of many voices was made and put into a single volume for all students and lovers of the Inklings to enjoy...

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