Lee Wiser Mcintosh

“If you only read one blog in the coming months make it

The Cultivating Project.

Always intelligent, never academic. Graceful writing that is a balm. 

Isn’t that what we really need amidst all the noise? Enjoy.

You can thank me later.”

Diana Glyer

“There are lots of people who take beautiful photographs, but Lancia does something more.

She has the instincts of a mystic, in touch with the seen and unseen at the very same time, and she has the gift of capturing hidden truth on film.

There is something revealing and healing in all her work: as an artist, a speaker, a teacher, a writer.  

Malcolm Guite

“Lancia Smith has an extraordinary gift for asking the right questions and, as on previous occasions, has drawn things out of me I scarcely knew were there.


Steve Elmore

“Lancia is the best photographer I’ve ever known for capturing not just the outward appearance, but the very essence of a person. 

She is able to perceive the qualities of a person that make them better than who they are – their potential, their goodness.  

For someone writing about goodness, truth, and beauty,  I don’t know of a better ability to have.”

Jackie Reed

“What Lancia brings to my life is priceless: inspiration, affirmation, and a challenge to think deeply.  She does this through her thoughtful, consummately interesting essays and interviews.  She does this through her genuinely stunning, often glowing photographs that help me feel that I am right there. Lancia’s work moves me deeply and awakens my faith when it is most damped down …  like a constantly glowing hearth. I am warmed here.  I can return to this site and be refreshed, nourished, and challenged.  

In the best possible ways, I feel like I have come home.”


Carolyn Curtis

“Lancia’s eye for beauty is unsurpassed — whether in architecture, in nature, in urban landscapes and, of course, in her fabulous portraits. She is an artist, posing as a photographer… and I mean that with great admiration for her skill with a technology that she has truly mastered.”

Sharon Frisco

Bless you for your incredible posts!

In a world of skim milk, you are the cream!

Charlotte Davidson

This is heart-breakingly beautiful.

If a picture says a thousand words,

that picture says a million.


Cultivate: intentionally creating conditions necessary to flourish


Cultivating the Good, the True & the Beautiful is a project based on the Scripture verse Philippians 4:8.

It is dedicated to highlighting spiritual and creative excellence for the sake of encouraging believers everywhere –

especially those engaged in the fields of creative endeavors.

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